TLNPLLC is among providers of residual fuel oil storage on the U.S. Gulf Coast. In addition, we have also provided crude oil terminal services for many years serving the supply needs of local refineries.

TLNPLLC has also expanded to handle refined products such as naphtha, jet fuel, and other distillate products. With the support and vision of our partners, we will continue to expand our logistics services and capacities.

The combination of shipping and tank terminals puts TLNPLLC in a unique position to offer our customers increased safety, product stewardship, efficiency and improved arrival accuracy.

The terminal is easily accessible for sea-going tankers, barges, rail tank cars and road tank trucks. Since the American distribution network is heavily dependent on rail and road infrastructure, our tank farm at the terminal is well equipped with broad rail tank car and road tank truck handling facilities.

Total storage capacity: 6,500,000 m³
Maintain over 50 storage tanks
Have an annual throughput of 30,000,000 tonnes of product including transport and heating fuels, chemicals, animal feeds and many more 

Manage 250,000 road movements,
2,000 sea movements,
1500 rail movements and more than 200 inland barges per year.

TLNPLLC has been active in storage logistics for many years, the company owns and operates more than 10 terminals in Houston, North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific region. At the tank terminals, TLNPLLC stores and handles nearly 100 different products including crude oil, petroleum products, biofuels, gases and chemicals. The total throughput of all terminals in 2017 was around 145 million tons. TLNPLLC has a strong customer orientation and provides tailor-made infrastructure. Its focus is on safe, efficient and reliable services in constructing and operating its facilities.



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