TLNPLLC is mainly engaged in the storage, transportation and distribution of refined petroleum products and crude oil. We have two business segments:

Refined products segment: 9,800-mile refined products pipeline system with 54 connected terminals as well as 25 independent terminals not connected to our pipeline system and two marine terminals (one of which is owned through joint venture)

Crude oil segment: 2,200 miles of crude oil pipelines, a condensate splitter and storage facilities with an aggregate storage capacity of about 37 million barrels, of which 27 million are used for contract storage. 

Our refined products segment consists of our common carrier refined products pipeline system, our independent terminals and two marine terminals. TLNPLLC has carrier pipeline system for refined products and LPGs in the United States, extending approximately 9,800 miles from the Texas Gulf Coast and covering a 15-state area across the central U.S.

The system includes 47 million barrels of aggregate usable storage capacity at 54 connected terminals. Our network of independent terminals includes 25 refined products terminals with 6 million barrels of storage located primarily in the southeastern U.S. and connected to third-party common carrier interstate pipelines, including the Colonial and Plantation pipelines.

Our Galena Park marine terminal is located along the Houston Ship Channel and has 13 million barrels of wholly owned storage capacity and one million barrels of storage capacity that we own through a joint venture. Our Pasadena marine terminal, which we own through a joint venture, is also located along the Houston Ship Channel and has storage capacity of 5 million barrels.


TLNPLLC offers many standard additives, which give customers a wide range of marketing and performance options at retail. The goal is to offer the additives that the market demands at treat rates, allowing our customers to deliver targeted performance to meet those demands. Base injection rate is one option for all additives, but custom treat rates can be set up at the customer’s request to achieve specific fuel outcomes, such as top tier or improved cold flow properties.

In addition to the standard TLNPLLC additives, we partner with many customers to install proprietary additive systems at various terminals across the Magellan enterprise to aid in their ability to bring their branded and unbranded fuel to market.



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