About Tesoro Logistics Northwest Pipeline LLC

Tesoro Logistics Northwest Pipeline LLC is an independently operated company offering its customers safe and reliable logistics services in the form of storage and transshipment, primarily for crude oil, refined petroleum products, bio fuels and petrochemicals. Our terminals operate in Houston’s most important ports at prime locations.

TLNP LLC currently wholly owns and operates various storage terminals in Texas Houston, with a total capacity over 3.6 million cubic meters. The Houston terminals benefit from deep water access and excellent hinterland connection via seagoing vessel, barges, rail, road and pipeline. All of our sites have expansion possibilities.

We have a strong ambition to grow our company to serve the demand of expanding customer base. Our diverse customer portfolio includes international oil traders, major oil companies, petrochemical producers, local fuel distributors and bunker suppliers.

We always operate at the highest level of industry standards in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Our customer-driven employees continuously optimize working methods and introduce innovative changes with the objective to improve operations and service to our customers.

At TLNPLLC, we serve global, regional and local customers, varying from trading houses and majors to distribution companies.

We aim to provide our customers with the safest, most reliable and efficient handling and storage solutions.

To deliver the highest service level to the customers, our knowledgeable employees are committed to execute operations with care, integrity, ownership and transparency.

Our Management

Kris Sumantri
Key Principal TLNP LLC.

William Shafer
Director for Economics and Finance.

Michael Wood
Head of the Economics and Investment Business Unit.

Raymond Thornton
Director for Corporate Relations and General Issues. 

Janet Huizar
Head of the Assets Directorate. 

Gina Moreno
Director of the Office for Control and Risk Management.

Bessie Ramirez
Head of Internal Audit.

Thomas Bakken
Member of the Management Board.

Malia Higa
Head of the Economics and Investment Business Unit.

Susan Smith
Head of the Salary & Incentives Directorate.



19100 Ridgewood Pkwy San Antonio, TX.

+1 817 204 5470.